New line of grain-free cat food with fresh meat

We gladly present you our new Fitmin Purity line of super-premium cat food containing high-quality fresh meat. The formula is also enriched with fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs. The new Fitmin line comes in eight types covering your cat’s life, from kitten to senior. Customers can also choose according to their type of cat or the food flavour. Fitmin Purity will be available at selected retailers in November 2016.

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Exhibition Interzoo and PLMA is comming!!!

Before us one of the biggest events in the world of feeding and animal nutrition, the International Trade Fair Interzoo in Nuremberg, Germany, which will bring together hundreds of companies from the field of pet food. At one point and time will be presenting products for pets - from feed to wide accessories. There will be presented the latest products and new trends for the near future. And we will be presenting also the new series of our products, that we intend  to have them almost this year still on the market. We invite you to our booth!

At the same time will be an exhibition PLMA in Amsterdam, where you can also visit our stand!

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