The exhibition Zoosphere, Russia 19.-21.11.2015

We are sending you greetings from St. Petersburg, Russia from the exhibition Zoosphere 2015. It's a little colder than at home, but we met here a beautiful city, wonderful welcome from our partners and a perfect group of people with whom we spent time here during the exhibition. We are pleased that we are able to from such distant place as Helvíkovice export products to the whole Word,  spread our mission, and that owners of dogs and cats in the far Russia could feed a quality food and share our philosophy. Czech piece in Russia.

We enjoy our work :-)

Zoosphere2015 2

Adrenaline, dogs, sports arena

Do you like the adrenaline, the strength, the incredible energy and tears of victory? So video about bull sports is right for you! Let get carried away with the exciting atmosphere and see the new medallion about Daniel Žďárský.

 Would you like to know more about bull sports?

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